Op.1 "Les Pavots" for Solo Piano Op.2 "Strength Through Joy" for Symphony Orchestra Op.3 "Three Pieces" for Cello and Piano Op.4 "The Entire City" for String Quintet. Op.5 "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in heaven" for Wind and                         String Ensemble. Op.6 "Rhapsody" for Solo Violin Op.7 "Lyrisches Stuck" for Viola and Piano Op.8 "Prophet" for Mixed Chorus Op.9 "Expressions" for Clarinet and Piano Op.9 "Eternity" No. 1 for Clarinet and Piano Op.9 "Awaiting" No. 2 for Clarinet and Piano Op.10 "Loss" for Clarinet and String Quartet Op.11 "The Endless Corridor" for Piano Op.12 "Birth of Remembrance" for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello Op.13 "Lune Rouge" for Piano Op.14 "Age of Reason" for String Quartet Op.15 "Celebration" for Clarinet, Flute, Violin and Cello Op.16 "Tamaris" for two cellos Op.17 "Bluebells" for piano solo, clarinet, horn, string quartet and percussion (3rd mov of Family Concerto, In memory of Dmitri Shostakovich - family project) Op.18 "Paradiso" for String Quartet (3rd mov of "Divine Comedy" - family project)     Op.19 "Freedom" (Clarinet Concerto) Op.20 "Zhivago Songs" to Boris Pasternak's poems for voice and piano Op.21 "Moonlight over the Sea" based on Munch's painting for Solo Violin Op.22 "Chateau de Canisy" for Voice and Piano Op.23 “Souvenir Melancolique”  for Clarinet and Horn "Bach Allegro" for large symphony orchestra (transcription of the 3rd mov of Bach's 3rd Viola da Gamba Sonata BWV 1029) Op.24 "Kubla Khan" for tenor, bayan, violin and cello (5th mov of family project)      Op.25 "Gallo Variations" for chamber orchestra Op.26 “Unity” for bass-baritone and piano Op.27 “Serenade for Strings” for string orchestra Op.28 “Paradisi Gloria” for SATB choir a cappella Op.29 “Fantasy” for cello and piano
Op.30 “Stabat Mater” for SATB choir a cappella Op.31 “Bergen’s Bonfire” for Symphony Orchestra (Triple winds) Op.32 “Tree of Hope” for 4 Harps Op.33 “Le Soleil de Conques” for 2 solo cellos and string orchestra Op.34 “Bride of the Wind” for piano-duet Op.35 Asiago Concerto Op. 35 for piano trio and chamber orchestra Op.36 Tennyson Fantasy Op. 36 for string quartet Op.37 “Ascent to Freedom” & “In search of…Paradise” for soprano and piano Op.38 “Die Windsbraut” for symphony orchestra Op.39 “Spring Haiku” for soprano and piano (part of family cycle) Op.40 “If a thing loves, it is infinite…” for string quartet Op.41 “The Good Morrow” for choir a cappella Op.42 “Algarvia” for violin and piano Op.43 "Red Fox" for choir and chamber orchestra Op.44 "Songs of the World" for soprano and ensemble Op.45 Pastorale for piano solo Op.46 To Spring for choir and orchestra Op.47 Lilacs for soprano and piano Op.48 Te amo for mezzo-soprano and piano Op.49 Reunion for clarinet, cello and piano