Op.9 – ‘Expressions’ Eternity & Awaiting for clarinet and piano / Victory for bass clarinet solo

2003 – ca 6 mins

First performed at the Purcell School by Dmitry Rasul-Kareyev and Alissa Firsova.

Recorded for Alissa’s album, Fantasy, by Mark van der Wiel and Alissa Firsova.

Eternity and Awaiting are two miniatures for clarinet and piano which open a cycle called Expressions. Each piece is a depiction of a certain feeling, and the cycle later develops into a solo bass clarinet piece, Victory, a clarinet quintet, Loss, a clarinet concerto, Freedom, and a clarinet and horn duet, Souvenir Melancolique. It also includes two works for clarinet, flute, violin and cello, Birth of Remembrance and Celebration. The latest addition to the cycle is Reunion for clarinet, cello and piano.