Op.1 – Les Pavots for Solo Piano
Op.2 – Strength Through Joy for Symphony Orchestra
Op.3  –  Three Pieces for cello and piano
Op.4  –  The Entire City for String Quintet
Op.5 – I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in heaven for Wind and String Ensemble
Op.6 – Rhapsody for Solo Violin
Op.7 – Lyrisches Stuck for Viola and Piano
Op.8 – Prophet for Mixed Chorus
Op.9 – ‘Expressions’ Eternity & Awaiting for clarinet and piano / Victory for bass clarinet solo
Op.10 – Loss for Clarinet and String Quartet
Op.11 – The Endless Corridor for Piano
Op.12 – Birth of Remembrance for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello
Op.13 – Lune Rouge for Piano
Op.14 – Age of Reason for String Quartet
Op.15 – Celebration for Clarinet, Flute, Violin and Cello
Op.16 – Tamaris for two cellos
Op.17 – Bluebells for piano solo, clarinet, horn, string quartet and percussion (3rd mov of Family Concerto, In memory of Dmitri Shostakovich – family project)
Op.18 – Paradiso for String Quartet (3rd mov of Divine Comedy – family project)
Op.19 – Freedom (Clarinet Concerto)
Op.20 – Zhivago Songs to Boris Pasternak’s poems for voice and piano
Op.21 – Moonlight over the Sea based on Munch’s painting for Solo Violin
Op.22 – Chateau de Canisy for Voice and Piano
Op.23 – Souvenir Melancolique for Clarinet and Horn
Bach Allegro for large symphony orchestra (transcription of the 3rd mov of Bach’s 3rd Viola da Gamba Sonata BWV 1029)
Op.24 – Kubla Khan for tenor, bayan, violin and cello (5th mov of family project)
Op.25 – Gallo Variations for chamber orchestra
Op.26 – Unity for bass-baritone and piano
Op.27 – Serenade for Strings for string orchestra
Op.28 – Paradisi Gloria for SATB choir a cappella
Op.29 – Fantasy for cello and piano
Op.30 – Stabat Mater for SATB choir a cappella
Op.31 – Bergen’s Bonfire for Symphony Orchestra
Op.32 – Tree of Hope for 4 Harps
Op.33 – Le Soleil de Conques for 2 solo cellos and string orchestra
Op.34 – Bride of the Wind for piano-duet
Op.35 – Asiago Concerto for piano trio and chamber orchestra
Op.36 – Tennyson Fantasy Op. 36 for string quartet
Op.37 – Ascent to Freedom & In search of…Paradise for soprano and piano
Op.38 – Die Windsbraut for symphony orchestra
Op.39 – Spring Haiku for soprano and piano (part of family cycle)
Op.40 – If a thing loves, it is infinite… for string quartet
Op.41 – The Good Morrow for choir a cappella
Op.42 – Algarvia for violin and piano
Op.43 – Red Fox for choir and symphony orchestra
Op.44 – Songs of the World for soprano and ensemble
Op.45 – Pastorale for piano solo
Op.46 – To Spring for choir and orchestra
Op.47 – Lilacs for soprano and piano
Op.48 – Te amo for mezzo-soprano and piano
Op.49 – Reunion for clarinet, cello and piano
Op.50 – Stages for trumpet and strings